“The Scope”

SmartVRA aims to bring a next generation precision agriculture technology to the farming industry and allow farmers to exploit their traditional, legacy machinery in the modern interconnected environment, achieving huge benefits in their production. SmartVRA proposes new, creative solutions to current problems, addresses the essential needs of farmers, adheres to European Standards and provides the needed tools to the agriculture industry to comply with Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Such policies as outlined in the EC report, indicate one of the main goals as “application of seeding, fertilizing and spraying according to accurate mapping of soil and plant information”. Moreover, the “EIP-AGRI Focus Group on Precision Farming, Final Report” published by the end of 2015 shows concrete steps that have been taken and need to be taken in the future.

“The objectives”

SmartVRA project main aim is the development of a novel, low-cost integrated VRA solution, able to

  • optimize spraying and fertilizing operations efficiency and
  • evaluate their impact through Life-cycle assessment (LCA) analysis that will lead to a more sustainable bio-production environment by reducing inputs, loses and negative environmental impacts of agriculture.
“The idea”

SmartVRA will be mounted to any existing fertilization and spraying agricultural equipment bridging the gap between large scale farms with “high tech” agricultural equipment and small scale farms with “low tech” equipment. Finally, most VRA current systems are sold for arable farms and not for perennial crops, such as orchards and vineyards, which are high value crops receiving many pesticides and fertilizers, where the optimization of the resources will be significant. SmartVRA intends to bridge this gap for offering an affordable solution for not only arable farmers but fruit and vineyard farmers too.

SmartVRA is designed to be perfectly compatible with both ISOBUS technology and traditional tractors (that lack any supportive technologies like ISOBUS). Therefore, the intended market of SmartVRA is not affected negatively from the global tendency of decrease in the tractor market but on the contrary it is strengthened by it, as decreases in the sales level of tractor will increase SmartVRA added value.